SRiT has  always  stood  for  a  deep  understanding  of  the  technologies  it  works  with.  The company has regularly invested in understanding and using innovative technologies that it sees as relevant to building  cost  effective  solutions  for  its  clients.  Its  research  groups  focus  on  assimilating  technology, creating  frameworks  and  processes  that  help  design  and  build  highly  scaleable  and  performance driven applications for the Internet.

The current focus area includes but is not limited to .NET Technologies, XML, Java Technologies, Oracle, ERP and SQL Server. We optimally utilize technology as the perfect means to an end.




 Quality  Assurance  (QA)  consists  of  those  procedures,  techniques  and  a  tool  used  to  ensure  that   SRIT Solutions  meets  or  exceeds  pre-specified  standards  during  its  development  cycle.  Software Quality  Assurance  is  closely  related  to  the  verification  and  validation  (V&V)  activities  carried  out  at  each stage of the software life cycle. Quality planning begins at an early stage in the software process. A quality plan sets out the desired product qualities and defines how these are assessed. The  quality  plan  also  clearly  states  which  quality  attributes  are  most  significant  for  the  solution  being developed.  It  should  also  states  which  standards  are  appropriate  to  the  product  and  to  the  process,  and defines the plan for developing these standards.




Our   clients  include established Media  companies,  overseas  IT solutions &  consultancy  organizations,             resellers,   suppliers, corporate   and   government   departments   in   various   countries; though we recognize each client is unique.

We  ensure  that  we understand  our  client’s business  and  that project outcomes fully support their business aims.