SRiT, sports a culture of spirited growth, achievement, commitment and teamwork. We provide excellent opportunity, excellence in the efforts of people.

As a young organization, SRiT has no traditional mindsets and barriers. Things are changing and improving all the time, and every person matters. Performance is instantly recognized and rewarded. Every person's career receives attention, and proceeds with positive energy. Business earnest is balanced by the fun-loving team.

Obviously, the workplace is vibrant and open. Facilities are excellent, and provide you with the support required for executing complex projects.

But this is all as it should be, in any good BPO company.  SRiT was started with an unwavering vision of building a global BPO solutions.Building such an organization needs not only good people, but their constant commitment. To succeed needs the joint efforts of many of us, working in tandem.

Going the extra a mile is expected of each of us, and if we want to build what we want to build, that extra mile is required.


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