About Us



About Us

SRiT a business software solutions provider that helps small sized organizations, established  companies  and  entrepreneurial ventures  harness  the  power  of  the  Internet  to  improve  IT operations  and  increase  revenues.   SRiT encompasses  a  huge repository  of  IT  skills  that includes  but  is  not  limited  to  the  customized  development  of  robust  web  enabled  business management solutions, knowledge optimization solutions, application services management, platform/Database migration, e-Business applications, intranet based solutions and dynamic, database-driven websites.

SRiT was founded in April 2009 at India Internet technologies based company. The company’s initial focus was on website design and development; after a few months of  operations,   SRiT diversified  its  forte  to  the  development  of  complex  business solutions  and strengthened  its  team  in  the  process.

Our Business


SRIT has  a  dedicated  team  of  modeling  professionals  who  ensure  the  best  possible integrated model for a business application. For all technologies, used strong modeling has to be at the core of the application for maximum benefits.

A good model design calls for a model that doesn’t just aid early analysis but is the very foundation of the design.  Our team  spends  a  lot  of  time  understanding  requirements and  coming  up  with  an  optimized  and detailed model of the domain, with interconnections and re usability at the forefront, viewed explicitly.

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As BPO industry is rocketing, the IT services play a major role in enabling the technologies in the globalization arena. So we SRiT provides the best out of it .The technology and infrastructure teams of SRiT have designed and built a highly scalable and flexible foundation allows SRiT to provide a peak level of performance, and more seamless integration, as compared to our competitors who tend to rely on the client organization to provide all the enabling technology or who are inclined to sell custom IT services in a non-integrated or stand-alone basis. By standardizing on proven and industry leading platforms and development standards.

Our company offers the array of back and front-office solutions that can be rapidly deployed. These tools are delivered at a significantly lower cost and in a much faster timeframe than would be possible by attempting to customize an application for specialized needs. Transaction Processing, Workflow Management, Quality Assurance and Human Resource Management. Our firm customizes reporting applications to align with each client’s business process, creating the ability to track, measure, and report on activities and results. In many situations this capability is further enhanced through integration a client’s syste